Europe is not only famous for its beautiful natural scenery, economically strong countries, but it is also known as a region with many countries with quality, creative education. For countries on this continent, education is a very important part of an individual’s life as well as a country, so most countries here have policies to exempt and offer tuition incentives for international students to study abroad.

Which countries should I study in Europe?
Studying in Europe, experiencing the world’s best quality education is the desire of many students in our country. However, the question of “which country to study in Europe” is not easy to answer because each country has its own strengths in education. Let’s find out more about 7 outstanding study abroad destinations in Europe!

Study in France
It is not natural that France is in the top 5 favorite countries of international students. Located in the EU, France has a system of leading universities, abundant scholarships and a romantic space to explore.

France is not a tuition-free country, but tuition fees payable in public schools (French programs) are very low compared to many countries around the world. If international students choose to study in France at independent schools or English-language programs, tuition fees are higher, but it also only falls between EUR 1,500 – EUR 6,000 per year, still much lower than other countries.

Living expenses in France are not cheap, but it is still considered quite pleasant at EUR 9600 per year (half that of London – according to Numbeo figures).

Study in Germany
Along with France, Germany is a great choice for students who want to study in Europe. Not only owning the world’s leading universities, most schools in Germany have quite low tuition fees, even free of charge.

In terms of training quality, Germany owns more than 40 universities in the QS rankings, second only to the US and UK in terms of the number of institutions present in the rankings.

It is also an international student-friendly country as Munich and Berlin ranked in the top 20 cities with the most cost savings for students (QS 2017).

In terms of training, at undergraduate level the program is not much in English, but it is popular at master’s and doctoral levels.

Study in the UK
For a long time, the UK has been famous for its quality education, with the world’s leading universities such as Cambridge, Oxford … and one of the top choices for those who want to study in Europe. International students studying in the UK will have the opportunity to experience a dynamic learning environment, advanced educational quality, modern learning equipment.

Tuition at public and private schools averages around 12-19,000GBP per year. However, for specific sectors such as medicine, art or engineering, the cost can be up to 35,000GPB / year.

Study in Spain
As the country with the 4th largest economy in the European Union and an education system that is no less developed than any other country, Spain is a destination for studying abroad. In the land of bulls, the outstanding disciplines must be mentioned: tourism, architecture, telecommunications, economics.

Spain has over 75,000 international students, creating a vibrant and colorful international community. Another plus is that studying in Spain is quite cheap. According to the Spanish Government, international students will need about EUR 5,310 per academic year (9 months) for accommodation costs.

Not only is it government-sponsored tuition fees (up to 90%), Spain also offers many incentives and scholarships for students, for example, early registration can be reduced from 5% – 30% of tuition fees. Students with good academic achievements also have the opportunity to receive eramus full scholarships.

Study in Ireland
Ireland has a quality and prestigious education that has a history of hundreds of years. Students studying here will learn on the motto of learning in pairs with onions, making students more likely to work practically.

Irish universities’ degree is globally recognized so you can rest assured that with a university degree in Ireland you can apply for a job in any country in Europe as well as around the world. The cost of studying and living in Ireland is reasonable compared to European countries. On average, international students in Ireland will pay about $13,000 in tuition and about $9,000 in meals each year. This fee is much cheaper than countries such as the UK or USA, Australia, Canada …

Study in Italy
Italy is becoming a study destination chosen by many international students because of its attractive tuition fees and many high-value scholarship packages. Italy also has the cradle of many prestigious universities, the oldest in the world, those that since its establishment have been constantly developing and perfecting to increasing European standards.

Studying in Italy, students have the opportunity to learn the world’s sexiest language but also have the opportunity to study training programs taught in English (English programs are becoming increasingly popular in this country). Do not forget to enjoy delicious pizzas and visit the beautiful natural scenery of this country.

Study in Portugal
The Portuguese education system is one of the oldest in the world. The country has a training system consisting of many famous universities and institutes. The Law, Sociobiology and Philosophy courses of some schools in Coimbra are rated as the best in the world. Portuguese degree is recognized throughout Europe as well as many other countries around the world.

Portugal is the 5th most widely spoken language in the world, shared by CPLP (Portuguese-speaking Communities) countries such as Brazil (one of the BRIC countries), Angola (one of the fastest growing economies), Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Principe, Guinea-Bissau and East Timor. Therefore, studying in Portugal will bring you a bright future and many job opportunities.