If you are planning to study in the United States but are still struggling to know what the conditions for studying in the US are, please join the Embassy to find out through the article below.

The age specified in the US study
conditions The current conditions for studying in the US do not specify the age. Therefore, if you are accepted by a school in the US and meet the financial requirements, the language is able to apply for a visa and admission.

Conditions for studying in the US:
English proficiency according to the school’s set standards and an average GPA of 2 are required to be admitted to a school in the US. In addition, international students must also pass a number of certificates such as SAT, ACT (for international students in university programs), GRE and GMAT (for international students in graduate program).

Depending on the school, level of study, the subject, the requirements of the degree will also be different, here are the US university study conditions (reference) of most schools in the US:

– GP: From 7.0 or above
– SA: 1000 points or more
– GRE: Average 300 points
– GMAT: 700 points or more

English English is one of the conditions to study in the US compulsory. Each school, each subject will have different English entry requirements, you can refer to the basic information below:
+ College: 5.5 and above
+ University, Postgraduate: 6.0 – 6.5 or above

+ College: 61 points or more
+ University: 79 – 90 points or more

If you study in the US middle level In high school, you do not need the two above certificates, you just need to take the SLEP (Secondary Level English Proficiency) test and reach a minimum of 45.

conditions Conditions to study in the US beyond your academic and language level, need to prove financially enough to study in this country. Currently, there is no specific number specified for you to apply for a US visa. However, you will need to submit a bank balance confirmation with your Form I-20, which is at least equal to or greater than the cost of tuition and living expenses for the first year.

Tips: The higher the amount of financial proof (preferably 1.5 times your tuition fee in the first year), the greater the possibility of getting a US student visa. For example, if your first year tuition is $ 20,000 USD, a savings book of $ 30,000 – $ 35,000 USD is best.

Conditions for applying to study in the US
Conditions to apply for admission
– Meet English requirements and average GPA.

Application form for admission (according to the school’s application form).

– Copy of passport (valid).

– Transcripts and transcripts are translated into English.

– English certificate.

– SAT, GRE, GMAT, IETLS, TOEFL… certificates (if any).

– Diploma of the most recent study program.

– Certificates, student cards for people who are still studying.

– Letter of recommendation from the teacher or person who can prove you are qualified and capable to study in the US.

– Essay shows your opinion on a certain issue written by you to show your language skills as well as a part of your personality.

– Fees: from $ 35 – $ 100 USD

After submitting the application and the school accepts, they will return the Form I-20 for you to complete and pay the fees, apply for a US student visa and enter the United States.

Conditions for US student visa
Preparation of documents

– Qualifications, transcripts, transcripts, foreign language certificates related (IETLS, TOELF …)

– Identity papers: passport, birth certificate, household registration book, 5x5cm photo taken within 6 months (white background, no hair covering my ears, no glasses), parent’s marriage certificate.

– Proof of financial: savings book, credit card, … to prove the ability to pay tuition fees, living expenses for the first year and proof of financial for the remaining years.

Steps to apply for a US student visa

– Fill out and sign a Form I-20, then pay the $ 350 SEVIS fee and fill out an application for a US nonimmigrant visa (Form DS-160).

– Pay the visa application fee on the online application page of the US Embassy and book an interview

appointment via the following link: https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English – By the date of appointment, you will be at Dai Bring your appointment letter, DS-160 application form, photo card, passport, visa payment receipt and visa application package, answer questions of Consular staff who will ask you about American study program, academic goals and future plans.

– If the interview is successful, after about 1 week you will receive a US student visa.

We hope that the information on conditions to study in the US in this article will help you get the best overview, so that you can prepare the best.